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King of Arowana Supplier From East Jakarta

“Success is the fruit of hard work". That is what Tris Tanoto believed. Tris is an Indonesian entrepreneur that get success in breeding and export of red arowana fish.
His fortune in arowana business through PT Munjul Prima Utama (MPU) come from a coincidence. The story began in 1985 when Tris was 36 years old. "Up to the age of 35 years I am still poor," he told to Sudarmadi, an Indonesian business journalist.
Someday, his friend that own arowana trading business came to him. The friend force him to buy arowana because urgently need money. He offer 400 arowana fish to Tris. He helped his friend then buy the arowana fish.  "In that time, I did not know what I should do with the arowana. Therefore, my intention was just to help friend, "said Tris while recognizing in the time he had absolutely no experience in breeding arowana.
At that time the arowana fish are still in small body size (length 12 cm), in Jakarta market valued around IDR 250 thousan…